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The year is 2027 and the world is in chaos.
The world markets collapse and with it world order. NATO and old alliances are no longer relevant while everyone fighting for resources.

United States newly-elected president decides to focus on home affairs focusing on economy and rebuilding the country economy. The United States starts pulling back its forces from around the world.

Europe with huge floods of refugees and weak euro cannot effect global affairs while America is in crisis. The world left to deal with razing powers and tension become extremely high in east Europe, south China sea and Middle East…

A big uprising overthrew the existing government in your country.
As leader of the uprising you got unlimited authority in the country to lead and rebuild.
The parliament nominated you and your way to make the country into an empire.

As the new leader, your goal is to ultimately become the supreme leader.
Using everything from diplomacy to war, you must strive to build an empire, both economically and militarily superior to all others. Are you ready to lead, Supreme Commander?

The game is based on single player against very smart Artificial Intelligence system that represent today events and countries status. Our team collecting and updating daily the countries status based on real data: economy, relations, army status etc…

In the game there are 180 countries, you select the country you wish to lead and start to play.
The game contains: Weapons Suppliers from around the world, a Spy Center, a War Room, Diplomats, United Nations, an Economy system, Technology, World News Distribution (Economy, Relations, Spy and War) and very advanced Artificial Intelligence.
Weapons in the game: Mercenaries, Armored Personnel Carriers (APCs), Tanks, Artillery, Anti-Air Missiles, Helicopters, Fighter Jets, Ships, Submarines, Fighting Robots, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), Aircraft Carriers and Ballistic missiles.

The system designed to think of thousands of possible scenarios and to choose the best way to win. You need to show and improve your leadership skills and bring your country to be an empire. Good luck commander in your mission.
iGindis Team

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* Fixed issues with sea invade in case country lost.
* Fixed issues with borders ownership.
* Fixed reported bugs and continue to improved the Artificial intelligence.

We will be glad for help to translate the game to other languages and we will reward players that helping us.
If you can help please contact us.

We plan to add many new options in the game scenarios/spy/diplomatic/war/weapons/technologies…
Your support important to us to continue developing.
Thank you,
iGindis Team

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